Take Action Tool Kit

Whether or not there are proposals to increase cigarette taxes in your area, contacting your government representatives is one of the best ways to prevent tax hikes. Here are ways you can help fight tax increases:

Be a registered voter
Elected officials are interested in hearing your views if you are a registered voter. Register to vote now.
Personal phone call
Calling your government representative is one of the most compelling ways to share your opinion. The following toll-free numbers will connect you with your state or federal government representative. A short phone call to make your voice heard can make a difference.
        - Call your elected officials: 1.866.658.8337
Personal e-mail or letter
Sending your government representatives a personal e-mail or letter is also effective. The following links will help your create an e-mail or letter and ensure that it is sent to the correct representative.
        - Email/write your elected officials
Letters to the editor
Write to your local newspaper to share your opinion more publicly. If your letter is published, mail a copy to your government representatives. It’s as easy as entering your Zip code, selecting the appropriate news outlets and writing a short paragraph or two.
        - Send a letter to the editor now

Post a banner ad on your website
Help spread the word about unfair tobacco taxes by posting the following image on your website and linking it to www.TransformTobacco.com.