Be Impactful

Your vote and your voice are important and powerful -
be sure to use them.

  • Make your opinions known. To effectively serve their districts, legislators need to know the opinions of constituents. They need to understand the impact that their votes and their choices have on retailers and other businesses they represent. You and your employees can be valuable resources of information for state representatives.
  • It's a small investment. Time devoted to developing and solidifying relationships with legislators and being active in the political process is a small investment to make when it comes to protecting your business.
  • Make your vote count. Educate yourself and know how you are going to vote when you enter the voting booth. Make sure you are voting for someone who believes in the policies and principles that are important to you and the security of your economic future.
  • You should know your representatives, and they should know you. These relationships can pay dividends for many years to come – not only on tobacco issues, but also on other proposals that affect your business and your employees.
  • Are you a registered voter? Voting is not only our right, but also our responsibility. If you are a United States citizen over the age of 18, you are eligible to vote. Registering to vote is a simple process. Click here for voter registration information.

Remember: You can help shape the future legislative landscape, or
it will be shaped for you.​​​​​​