Illicit Trade

Driven by higher taxes, tobacco consumers may cross county, state or national borders to get lower-priced cigarettes for personal use. Most often, commercial smuggling of tobacco products involves larger, typically long-haul efforts, such as transporting cigarettes from a lower-tax jurisdiction to a higher-tax jurisdiction. Either way, the illicit trade of tobacco products has a far-reaching effect in our society, and more people need to understand the seriousness of this crime.
The website,, shows how I-95 has become a key transit route for cigarette smuggling from southern states to the Northeast. The illegal profits that are being derived from these operations benefit an organized-crime infrastructure already experienced in transporting illegal drugs and other contraband, and fostering violent crime up and down the I-95 corridor.
The website provides important information of interest to lawmakers, law enforcement officials and concerned citizens on how serious the problem of cigarette smuggling really is, and what federal and state governments can do about it.
As a consumer or retailer of tobacco products, it is up to you to keep informed about these issues and any others that will affect your rights.